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Help Save the White Rhino

I commissioned an oil on canvas painting (1.8m x 1.4, digital watermark not an actual painting) by Martin Jordan ( to be sold with proceeds to a group of private game farms, Balule, in South Africa who have lost 14 white rhinos to poachers.

Rhinos are poached for the supposed medical qualities of their horns (but the horns consist of keratin, the same stuff as finger nails). The painting has been criticised by some as being politically sensitive but reflects an actual situation:

Rhino poaching

The purpose of the commission is to raise funds for anti-poaching methods, now helped with radio controlled drones fitted with GPS and infrared cameras that direct ground forces to incidents.

Please, clients, does anyone know of an interested buyer? The reserve price is £12000.

Thank you very much for your much valued help with a situation I find most distressing, as a veterinary surgeon that so much enjoys his work with animals!


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