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We know that your pets are part of your family

Every pet has a different personality and needs, different likes and dislikes - just like children!  We share our knowledge and passion to help your pet’s live long, active, comfortable and happy years.


From nutritional to emotional wellbeing, “Mammal” staff have useful advice on how to look after your beloved pet - and of course, favourite pet products, many different and innovative.


“Mammal” is part of our animal loving community.

We promote responsible pet ownership, active in the local community and support some deserving causes.

We celebrate dogs as the heroes in the community by uniting local shops and businesses through our love of dogs and make North Chingford a favoured destination for you and your dog.

We have created a group of community dogs that have a great story to tell, lots of love to give and are active, known and bring joy to the community.

Dogs & Cats


EAT selection of dry and moist food Hills, JAMES WELLBELOVED, Lily’s Kitchen Proper Pet Food, organic and holistic; Whiskas Nutritional; almo nature for all stages of your pets development




We promote VIRBAC VETERINARY HPM food, thanks to its low-carb, high-protein nutritional profile and carefully selected dietary supplements; VETERINARY HPM™ is more than just a dog and cat food. VETERINARY HPM™ provides expertly tailored nutrition for the specific health challenges at each stage of your pet's life, helping to keep them in optimal health.

Each VETERINARY HPM™ product has a different ‘Global Preventive Profile’ adapted to the specific condition (neutered or entire), age and lifestyle of your pet.


Bowls saucers dishes; Green interactive feeder; GO-SLOW anti-gulp dish; silicone BecoBowl flexible enough to collapse and fit in any bag     



Reward your pet with our variety of flavours and ingredients treats and snacks: chewable sticks and bones designed to promote healthy teeth while providing your dog with hours of chewing fun; Wagg training treats; JAMES WELLBELOVED Cracket Jacks; Pedigree DENTASTIX daily oral care; Tasty Bites; Smackos, Rodeo; bonio wholesome biscuits; gravy bones; bestpets hide dog chews; Webbox Cats Delight


Beds, blankets


Grooming products: pet hair removers, Mikki scissor claw clippers; brushes and combs; pet identity tags; shampoos, including ones for sensitive skins, flea sprays; pet clothing; dog coats


Litter trays, biodegradable litter, litter liners, indoor cat loos, poo/waste bags, dispensers and refills; cat litter freshener; house training pads; kitty grass; Mikki hygiene pants


Large selection of fabulously fun toys: FETCH soft squeaky-, hard rubber-, latex-, teething toys; rubber balls of all sizes, soft balls; launch-a-ball and Chuck ‘n’ Play helps you throw a ball further and keeps your hands clean; tug ropes, training toys, Kong toys.
Flashing toys to be thrown in the dark, interactive toys to engage with your pet or to entertain them when you are not home

Upright and flat scratching posts.

Extensive range of quality leather, some with crystals, chain and nylon fabric collars and leads, some reflective, illuminated; HALTI stops-pulling-kindly head collars; LED rechargeable flashing band collars; GripLite LED torch/ergonomic grip to clip in lead; EASY-TIE secure your dog without removing the lead from the collar

flexi neon and NEW Classic retractable leads; Mikki and Baskerville muzzles; Ancol and LUPI padded reflective harnesses and raincoats; PetGear high visibility jackets;

                  Cat collars and harnesses

                  Catmate, Staywell and SUREFLAP cat flaps and feeders



Cat carriers; silicone BecoBowl flexible enough to collapse and fit in any bag; Safe ‘N’ Sound, PetGear and ANCOL safety harness used with your car’s safety belt system: Highway Code Rule 57 states: “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars”



Tick removers & repellants shampoos supplements; FELIWAY plug-in diffuser or spray and ADAPTIL for the stressed cat; paw wax, CLIX Dog Stop that interrupts unwanted dog behaviour; clean+tidy bitter spray deterrent; bitter cherry spray; DORWEST VETERINARY products including Valerian compound to calm and relax pets; pet remedy natural distress and calmer; tear stain remover; skin and joint. Vetschoice range:


Essentials like Timothy hay, bestpets straw and wood shavings, sawdust, BURGESS, Excel and Russel Rabbit food & treats for rabbits guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice

Cage and wild bird seed, sand, peanuts and feeders including squirrel proof feeders, nesting boxes

Fish food etra, AQUARIAN and INTERPRET gold fish supplements and feeds

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