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About VETCall

Every pet is unique. So is every pet owner.

Your pet’s environment, activities and achievements are unique. Your world, lifestyle and success stories are unique too.
We would like to get to know you, listen to you and create a strategy and budget to meet your individual, specific needs and those of your pet, now and in the future.

So keep talking to us. We’ll keep listening.

We call this the ‘VETCall Experience’.


Caring for you and your pet is the primary purpose of staff at VETCall. We understand the relationship between you and your pets. We have listened to your concerns and your needs and have created an independent, first-opinion general small animal veterinary surgery located in North Chingford, London, open every day of the week, providing a year round, 24-hour service.

In the event of an emergency, we will see your pet at our surgery and we will not send you to an unfamiliar practice. We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients and their pets rather than just treating emergencies.

Our clients have the best of both worlds. Our general or primary veterinary care is based on the high-touch physical examination of your pet, using our skills and experience, and if needed, access to specialists at our surgery.

Veterinary care is very complex now and our veterinary team has created a “super surgery” where we hire our own specialists, such as orthopaedic surgeons, who conveniently visit us at VETCall, that reduces the very high costs of referral. This too will help the owners of insured pets.

This we call the “VETCall Super Experience’.
'Stephen, the greatest vet after James Herriott that I ever met in 10 years'
Louis PW
January 2021
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