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The VETCall Team

The people structure at VETCall is an inverted pyramid, a metaphor for a reversal of traditional management in veterinary practices.

We don’t serve everyone but focus on a particular niche of pet owners, our group of ideal clients. The most important people at the top. We listen to their concerns and needs.


Staff, empowered with decision-making and freedom of action, are the closest to clients and the work systems of the practice. This makes us faster, more effective and adaptable.

The owner’s of the practice merely facilitate the team effort!

Professional staff. Personal touch.

Hayley Gwatkin
Head Veterinary Receptionist

I spend my day greeting our two- and four-legged clients alike. With 15 years of experience as a veterinary receptionist at VETCall, I feel I have a special sense of knowing when extra care, in the form of a treat or sometimes a hug, is required.

I’m considered the cheeriest person at Reception. We have wonderful vets and great staff. We genuinely love animals and we have terrific clients.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and holidaying.

Kelly Hurren HRVN
Head Registered Veterinary Nurse

I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1999 and with experience at a veterinary hospital, joined VETCall as Head Veterinary Nurse in 2000. I enjoy anaesthesia and surgical cases. In my spare time, I relish spending time with my husband, two boys and a crazy Bullmastiff called “Chewie”.

I oversee the qualified veterinary nurses and am clinical coach for the student veterinary nurses at VETCall where they are trained and assessed while working towards their professional qualification.

"Vetcall and in particular Stephen were perfect. Stephen over the past couple of months has been a friend not our vet. He and the staff looked after my Bailey in a way that is over and beyond what I would expect. We will never go anywhere else."
T Woznicki
Zoe Speck
Registered Veterinary Nurse

I joined VETCall as a student veterinary nurse in 2008, qualifying in 2014, furthering my qualifications by completing the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care, a discipline that supports our 24 hour emergency care services, in March 2017.


I’m an intrepid worldwide traveller, usually to somewhere hot, animal lover and have a horse and two dogs.

Ben Cranke BVSc MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon

I’m a Namibian-born South African veterinary surgeon living in London. I left full-time employment in 2006 to pursue my passion for wildlife and landscape photography and hosting specialist photo tours to wonderful destinations. An adventurist at heart, I am most content in the wild. I share the majesty of the natural world with my veterinary clients and their pets.

Olive Botha
Veterinary Surgeon

Veterinary surgeon Olive Botha graduated in 2013 and her interest and confidence is with dogs and cats.

Olive’s main objective is to give pet patients the best care she can and keep her clients as well informed as possible about preventative care, treatments and advice. She is known to take extra care to read up on cases in order to stay up to date and refresh her memory.

Olive brings her affinity and passion for animals with her, developed in Africa’s wild places. 

"I am sending this note to thank you and your nurse for your kindness and sympathy when you came to my home to see my black labrador George. Thank you so much."
Janet Brandon
Zoe Dordoy
Veterinary Receptionist

No day is ever the same as I cover both VETCall reception duties and managing the “Mammal” pet shop. There’s an interesting query every day for me to deal with and offer advice. With 11 years of on-the-job experience, I’m still very keen on sharing my knowledge with clients. I have my own dog Obie who is very much the pet shop product tester and model!

Bev & Charlotte Dordoy
“Dirty Rascals” dog grooming parlour

Professional and experienced dog groomers. 

A fun and safe environment, personalised services, well equipped clean salon with free parking to the rear for clients.

Marcel Badilla.png
Marcel Badilla
Veterinary Surgeon

Marcel Badilla graduated with honours in veterinary surgery and medicine in Chile in 1999, moving to Toronto, Canada to complete a residency in Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Surgery. In 2009 Marcel was awarded the Small Animal Orthopaedics Specialist Degree in Madrid, Spain. Not content with this level of knowledge, Marcel is currently studying towards the Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice in Small Animal Surgery at the RVC, London.

Daisie REdmond photo.jpg
Daisy Redmond
Veterinary Care Assistant

I’ve been a Veterinary Care Assistant for almost 11 years
in London and am now motivated to complete my
veterinary nursing degree at VETCall. I love surgery and
anaesthesia. I recently moved to Chingford with my
partner and plan on getting our own dog child soon! I
have a Frenchie called “Louie” and 2 rescued kitties. In
my spare time I love travelling and spending time with my
friends and family.
Samantha Millette 

Veterinary Surgeon

Samantha is from the USA and joins VETCall from a UK veterinary hospital. She brings with her a vitality and professional enthusiasm that is infectious and has me recall:

When you love what you do – your passion shows

When you love your service – It doesn’t feel like work

When you love your team – they in turn love your clients

When you love your clients – more of them will move to you

When you love life – you see it all as fun

Samantha’s interests in feline medicine, dentistry, cytology and clinical pathology will add to our pool of combined knowledge and experience. As an Official Veterinarian, Samantha too will prepare and issue pet travel certificates to help getting your pet on holiday with you without disqualifications!

Adele Oakley
Veterinary Receptionist

I’ve been a receptionist for 3 years and my love of animals makes this the ideal job for me. In my spare time I walk my 3 dogs and ride my friend’s horse.

Advanced Practitioner status veterinary surgeons in:

  1. small animal surgery and

  2. feline medicine

sought to join us.


The positions are available immediately. We promote preventative medicine, focusing on prevention and early detection of disease, allowing for more effective treatment and a longer life for pets, with updated lab tests and treatment learnt via CPD. 

We have a vision of developing what we want to call a "Super Surgery", or a "micro-hospital", a facility providing many of the services of a veterinary hospital but on a smaller scale, at a lower cost to clients than referral practices, employing AVPs and consulting with peripatetic specialists in other disciplines. 

We provide individualised, coordinated care - uncoordinated care can be very costly - with staff managing additional aspects of care, using all of the premises and everyone's skill and talent.

We are critically surrounded by corporate practices and am unable to compete on price alone but am able and willing to establish a professionally reputable surgery providing an exceptional service. We need the staff in order to do this, so please contact us today.


Elsa Posnett PhD
Practice Manager

I qualified as a Doctor of Genetics and Microbiology in South Africa in 1989. After moving to the UK in 1990, I worked at Imperial College, London, doing research in animal parasitology before starting VETCall with Stephen in 1997 and then the Galley Hill Equine Surgery.

For some relaxation, I run the odd marathon, escape into open spaces with the dogs and thrive on my families’ company.

Stephen Posnett BVSc MSc(VetGP) MSc MRCVS
Principal Veterinary Surgeon

I am wholly committed to my work as a veterinary surgeon, a way of life that makes demands around the clock. I have a genuine and sentimental concern for the welfare of animals.

As a medical biochemist in South Africa, a “lab rat” myself, I researched the livers of donor Cape Chacma baboons. These aggressive, largest and heaviest dark brown baboons, were caged in animal houses on the roof of a building, instead of being free on the slopes of the mountains. This was disheartening to me and resolved to change my career, qualifying as a veterinary surgeon and moving to England in 1990.

I am one of only 8 veterinary surgeons in the UK to hold the MSc degree in Veterinary General Practice and recognise that as a veterinary surgeon, I provide personal, comprehensive primary and continuing veterinary care to animals and arrange for other professionals to provide services when necessary.


Someone once said to me: ‘I don’t care what you know until I know you care’ and I believe that principle is vital in creating good relations with our clients.

I am driven to help preserve endangered wildlife species and tackle the demand particularly for poached rhino horn. The closest I get to wildlife in Chingford are cats and dogs, little lions and little wolves!

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