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Pet Euthanasia

The difficult decision to euthanase, “put down” or “put to sleep” (from the Greek word ‘good death’) a beloved family pet is all too often faced by pet owners. Most people who take on the love and joy of owning a pet will at some point need to consider making that final decision.

If you feel that your pet is suffering or is approaching the end of their days, please speak to our veterinary surgeons regarding your options. It may be possible to help prolong or enhance your pet’s life and this we can discuss with you. It may, sadly and on the other hand, be the kindest thing you can to is let and say goodbye.

We can guide you through the process during which your pet will peacefully fall asleep, similar to anaesthesia, and then pass into death without experiencing any discomfort.

Some questions to consider:

  • do you wish to be present?

  • can you have an appointment during a quiet time?

  • would you feel more comfortable having a home euthanasia?

  • what will happen to my pet afterwards?

  • would you like to leave a collar or blanket with your pet or prefer to have them as keepsakes to take home?

  • would you want to spend some farewell time with your pet after euthanasia?

People have different opinions on which afterlife service to choose - we will respect your decision. As a pet owner, it is entirely your decision and we will honour your wishes.

Individual cremation: your pet is cremated alone and all the ashes kept for you to keep, scatter or inter (bury at home or at a pet cemetery). You will need to choose a casket, urn or scatter box. Arrangements are made for you to collect the ashes from Resting Pets or for them to hand-deliver your beloved friend back to our surgery for you to collect.

Communal or mass cremation: your pet is cremated with other pets and the ashes are scattered, or more commonly buried, at the pet crematorium or in landfill. Ashes are not offered to you.

Home burial: owners wishing to bury at home need to consider the practicalities of preparing the site, the chances of moving home etc.

The VETCall Veterinary Surgery trusts and endorses the dignified and personal approach to cremation provided by Resting Pets, Wood Farm, Moreton Road, Ongar CM5 0EY. To find out more about their services, please contact Resting Pets 01277 890009.

Everybody reacts differently to the loss of a loved one and therefore experience grief in different ways. To get the right level of support and free confidential advice on how to cope, we recommend the Blue Cross pet charity Pet Bereavement Support Service 0800 0966606.

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