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Pet health plans

“Save money and pay monthly for your pet’s essential preventive health care”

Provides routine preventive health care for your dog, cat or rabbit throughout the year at affordable monthly payments including discounts on veterinary procedures and diagnostic tests. It’s a great way to spread the cost of preventative veterinary care for your pets across the year and make excellent savings! There are no age restrictions.

To join, simply call in at the surgery to complete a simple application form that will include full details of the Agreement. You will need to bring your bank details.

Alternatively, please call the Pet Health Plans team on 0800 169 9958 to join over the phone.


Our Pet Health Plans includes:

  • Annual vaccinations with a 10 point health check with a veterinary surgeon

  • Year round flea treatment

  • Year round worm treatment

  • Year round tick treatment


We will reward you for your loyalty with exclusive Pet Health Plan discounts:

  • 50% off microchipping

  • 10% off Kennel Cough vaccination

  • 10% off VHD2 vaccines

  • 10% off elective neutering procedures

  • 10% off in-house dental procedures 

  • 10% off all prescription diets, mammal diets and pet accessories

  • 7.5% off in-house blood tests

  • 7.5% off long-term medication (discount begins 3rd month of treatment)

  • One free consultation per year with a veterinary surgeon (excluding treatment or out of hours consultation)

  • Free veterinary nurse claw clipping, twice yearly

  • Primary or restart vaccination* for £20 with a veterinary surgeon

  • Internal and fly strike parasite treatment as appropriate

* Vaccinations include:

Dogs - Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis

Cats - Feline Leukeamia, Enteritis, Feline Influenza

Rabbits - VHD, Myxomatosis

Terms & Conditions:

1) There is a joining fee of £10 per owner (for life). This fee will be collected with the first payment.

2) If you cancel at any time other than on the anniversary of joining the plan, you will be required to pay the practice either the outstanding amount for treatment received, or the monthly payments due until the anniversary of your plan, whichever is lower.

3) No refunds are payable for any months paid before a pet's death except at the discretion of the practice.

4) Plans and prices are valid from October 1st 2018

5) The practice may require you to make an upfront payment or pay for treatment before the plan commences.

6) All prices include VAT

Underwritten by SimplyHealth Professionals.



£12.84 monthly

Small dog (<4kg)

£12.35 monthly​

Medium dog (4.1-10kg)

£14.05 monthly


Large dog (10.1-25kg)

£15.74 monthly


Extra large dog (25.1-40kg)

£18.77 monthly


Giant dog (>40kg)

£27.24 monthly



£8.21 monthly

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